Smatlab 16 photo isolator input / output card
Smatlab 16 photo isolator input/ relay output card provide “no programming is required” solution suitable for web based remote control, data acquisition, industrial automation control, measurement, laboratory, POS surveillance and security DVR application.

  • Connects Tranzview server on a network as both a Web and an FTP server
  • Real-time display of acquisition data
  • Live screen updates using embedded Java applets
  • Configure applications using simple "fill-in-the-blank" HTML forms
  • Configuration options: TCP/IP network settings, number and type of data channels, sample rates, refresh interval, and custom channel processing
  • Built-in file system for storing HTML documents and Java applets
  • Supports any computer able to access the World Wide Web/Internet, regardless of machine type and operating system
  • Web server maintains Java applet security model
  • Protocol support for TCP/IP, HTTP, and FTP
  • Compatible with Netscape 4, Internet Explorer 5, and other browsers.

Hardware requirement:
  • PC or Industrial PC
  • Smatlab 16 photo isolator input/ relay output card