Data acquisition board application technology

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Please view our detial technical information for how to install digital I/O card input and relay output with isolator device.

Application of data acquisition board:

PCI Industrial Control Card
8 Relay Output / 8 Photo Isolator Input Board
8 Channel SSR / Logic Output Board
16 Channel Relay Output Board
16 Channel Photo Isolator Input Board
Smatlab 16 Relay /16 Photo Isolator Card
Smatlab 8 Relay /8 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 4 Relay Output/4 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 8 Relay Output /8 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Relay Output/ 16 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Photo Isolator Input/Output Card
64 Channel Industrial Control Card

Device Driver
Test Software & Sample Code