Web DAQ-Online Data Acquisition and Remote Control

We specialize in the field of TCP/IP based add-on card for industrial control, access control systems and alarms.
  1. Web-Based Data Acquisition:
  2. Online Data Acquisition and Remote Control
  3. Network Data Acquisition and Control: produces networked data acquisition and control products that simplify accessing process and system data across your computer networks (LAN) and the Internet.
  4. WEBDAQ: Real-time distributed data acquisition, control, and communications solutions
  5. Distributed Control
  6. Machine Monitoring & Control
  7. Remote Data Acquisition
  8. Alarm Condition Monitoring
  9. Security System Monitoring
  10. POS Surveillance
  11. Predictive Systems Monitoring
  12. Vibration Analysis
  13. Laboratory Remote Testing
  14. Environmental Monitoring
  1. Distributed Data Review
  2. Utilize Existing Network Systems
  3. Low Cost, add on card can easy to expand hardware
  4. Stand-alone & Network Acquisition
  5. Open Systems Environment
  6. No System Configuration
  7. No Software Maintenance
  8. Simple To Install & Operate
  9. Easy development new project

Web DAQ Hardware:

PCI Industrial Control Card
8 Relay Output / 8 Photo Isolator Input Board
8 Channel SSR / Logic Output Board
16 Channel Relay Output Board
16 Channel Photo Isolator Input Board
PCI 4 Relay Output/4 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 8 Relay Output /8 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Relay Output/ 16 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Photo Isolator Input/Output Card

Device Driver
Test Software & Sample Code