knowledge for Digital input and output

Digital Input

Many types of digital signals like switch closures, relay contacts, and TTL laver compatible can be read by digital I/O card directly. Some type of digital signals input may require signal conditioning like reduce higher-level voltage to TTL level. A variety of signal conditioning module is available to provide isolation and device circuitry protection functions.

Digital Output

Digital output provides functions for turning electric device ON or OFF. TheApplications are ranged from driving a relay to turning ON/OFF lamp solenoids, contactors, motors, or alarms etc. In application for latching outputs, a "1" typically causes the associated switch or relay to latch,while a "0" causes the switch to unlatch. Devices can be turned on or off,depending on whether the external device is need normally open (ON) or normally closed (OFF).

The TTL level signals can be used to drive 5-V relay coils; a protective diode is used to protect the digital output circuitry. Because data acquisition boards can typically supply only 24 mA of driving current, they are intended primarily to drive other logic circuits, not final control elements. Scaling may be needed so that logical voltage levels are sufficient to cause switching in larger relays. Outputs intended to drive larger solenoids, contactors, motors, or alarms also may require a booster.

Catalog for Wide Range of ISA/PCI Digital I/O Cards
PCI Industrial Control Card
8 Relay Output / 8 Photo Isolator Input Board
8 Channel SSR / Logic Output Board
16 Channel Relay Output Board
16 Channel Photo Isolator Input Board
Smatlab 16 Relay /16 Photo Isolator Card
Smatlab 8 Relay /8 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 4 Relay Output/4 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 8 Relay Output /8 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Relay Output/ 16 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Photo Isolator Input/Output Card
64 Channel Industrial Control Card
Industrial DIN Rail Mountable Terminal Block Adapter

Device Driver
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