last updated November 1, 2001

The PCCOM PCI bus 4 port adapter is an 32 bits PCI bus board with Plug and Play (PnP) features, it provides four asynchronous serial communication ports (RS232 or RS422/RS485), which link the computer and serial peripheral devices such as terminals, modems, serial printers, plotters, ... etc.

The PCCOM PCI bus 4 port adapter is particularly suited to facilitate the connection of terminals (VDUs) in multi-user operating systems. The PCCOM board may be installed in any Pentium or hardware compatible systems. The PnP features let hardware configuration for IRQ and I/O address is detected by BIOS automatically, you don’t need set switch and jumper.

Since most of the computer has its own COM1 and COM2, the PCCOM PCI bus 4 port adapter can be configured from COM4.

On board ST16C554 chip provides four 16550 functions which contains 16 bytes FIFO buffer for each 16550 ports. There are two kinds of mode can be choose, one is normal speed mode that its baud rate up to 115200, another is high speed mode that its baud rate up to 460K.

The features of the PCCOM PCI bus 4 port adapter are:

*32 bit PCI bus with Plug and Play (PnP) features.
*Four RS232 ports or RS422/RS485 ports for asynchronous communications.
*Suitable for SCO UNIX, Linux, MS/DOS, WINDOWS/NT/2000, WINDOWS/95/98/ME, MS/WINDOWS, OS/2... etc.
*Pentium hardware compatibles.
*Baud rate up to 115200 for normal speed mode and up to 460K for high speed mode.
*Provides 16550 port that contains 16 bytes FIFO for each port.
*Up to 4 boards be installed in one computer system.
*Software compatible with PCCOM98/2000.
*Operating temperature 0 to 60