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The 8-channel industry control board is a programmable I/O interface for PC/XT, PC/AT, PC/386, or compatibles. It provides total 8 i/O digital I/O ports, each I/O port contains 8 I/O lines, and can be set either input or output by the use¡¦s program. The signal assignments of 8 channel industry control board is designed as a standard configurations, so that it can be used to connect to the expansion card family are 16/8 channel relay output board, 16/8 channel isolator input board, 8 channel SSR/Logic output board¡Ketc.

The features of 8-channel industry control board are:

#Provides 8 I/O ports.

#Each I/O port contains 8 digital I/O lines, total 64 I/O lines.

#Port address selectable.

#Standard signal assignment to connect to expansion board family.

Hardware Installation:

Your 8-channel industry control board is designed to inserted in any available slot in your computer. In order to gain access to the expansion slots and the program switches on the main board, follow the steps listed in the followings:

1.Set the 8-channel industry control board switch.
2.Turn off all power of your computer and all peripheral devices before installing your 8-channel industry control board.
3.Remove the cover of the computer.
4.Insert you reconfigured board into any available slot. Make sure your I/O card is firmly seated in the chosen slot.
5.Replace the cover of the computer.
6.You are now ready to use your 8-channel industry control board for several applications.