Jumper Setting - Smatlab 8 Relay output / Isolator Input Board

1. JP18 externai Or internal power supply
JP1 - 2 short externai power supply
JP2 - 3 short internal power supply

2. JPX A and JPX B select isoiated or non-isolated

JPOB to JP7B are used to select isolated or non-isolated. When JPXB-1, JPXB-2 is sort, then the corresponds channel is in isolator mode. When JPXB-2, JPXB-3 is short, the IxL is short with system GND. So the external signal is in non-isolated mode. JP0A to JP7A are used to  select power signal input or non-power signal input for the correspond channel. JpxA-1 and JpxA-2 short is power signal input mode. JpxA-2, JpxA-3 short is non-power input mode.

3. JP 17 Internal / External power selection

User may use jumpers to select external or internal power supply. When the input signal is non-power signal (e.g. Switch etc��), internal power is selected; user can select the PC bus power +12V or 5V. When the input is voltage or current, the external supplier is mean the signal itself that can adjust from +5V to +30V.
JP17 is used to select internal or external power supply of input channels. When JP17-1 is shorted, the PC bus +12V power is selected, when JP17-2 is shorted, the PC bus +5V power is selected. If we short JP17-3, then the external power supplier is selected.
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