Tranzview Smatlab - The Graphic Economical Automation Solution

  No programming is required!
   Configure applications using simple "fill-in-the-blank" HTML forms

Tranzview Smatlab is a high performance data acquisition add-on card with
software built-in web server kits, so no programming is required. Just
connect it, open your web browser, choose your acquisition options, data
formats, etc. and collect data. Data is downloaded to your PC directly from
the browser. You can even open your data directly in self define programs.

Hardware - Smatlab digital Input/Output card
Software - Tranzview Embedded Web Server, connects Tranzview web server on a network as both a Web and FTP server
Real-time display of acquisition data
Live screen updates using JAVA applets
Configure applications using simple "fill-in-the-blank" HTML forms
Configuration options: TCP/IP network settings, number and type of data
channels, sample rates, refresh interval, and custom channel processing
Built-in file system for storing HTML documents and Java applets

Device Driver
Self Test Software & Sample Code
Web Based DAQ