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Digital Input

Many types of digital signals like switch closures, relay contacts, and TTL laver compatible can be read by digital I/O card directly. Some type of digital signals input may require signal conditioning like reduce higher-level voltage to TTL level. A variety of signal conditioning module is available to provide isolation and device circuitry protection functions.


Switches are pretty straightforward to wire. For security reason switch contacts are always drawn in the OFF position when in systems initialize. In the case of rotary switches the wiper arm will always be connected to the first contact, which will be the off position.

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Photo Isolator :
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*Signal Input with Power
*Signal Input without Power
SENSOR To 16 Photo Isolator Board
Application Example
Proximity switch

[ General Specifications ]

Operating Voltage

10 ?30 V DC


Less than 10 %

Max. Switch Rate

1.5 KHz ( M12/M18 ) ; 2K Hz ( S17/S18 ) ; 500 Hz ( PB )

Power-On Reset Time

20 ms

Circuit Protection

(a) output short circuit & (b) reverse polarity of supply voltage

Max. Load cirrent

100 mA


Conforming to IP67

Cable Length

2 meter, oil retardent, grey color

Writing Diagram

Brown, black and blue as standard

Proximity switch

1. 16 Photo Isolator Board Jumpers Setting
      a. JP XA ?JP XA ( Short 2,3 )
      b. JP XB ?JP XB ( Short 1,2 )

JP0A to JP15A and JP0B to JP15B are used to select isolated or non-isolated, the JPXA corresponding to I1X channel and the JPXB corresponding to I2X channel. When JPXA-1, JPXA-2 is short and JPXB-1, JPXB-2 is short, then the corresponds channel is in isolator mode. When JPXA-2, JPXA-3 is short and JPXB-2, JPXB-3 is short, the power is supplied by PC bus or external power supplier.

      c. JP17 ( Short 1 ?1, 1 ?3 )
      d. JP18 ( Short 1 ?1, 1 ?3 )

JP17 is used to select internal or external power supply of Input channels I10 to I17, and JP18 is used to select internal or external power supply of Input channels I20 to I27. When JP17-1 or JP18-1 is shorted, the PC bus +12V power is selected. When JP17-2 or JP18-2 is shorted, the PC bus +5V power is selected. If we short JP17-3 or JP18-3, then the external power supplier is selected.

2. Sensor’s Line
     a. Brown ?Connect to +12V ( Vcc ) & I10H ( 16 Photo Isolator Board )
     b. Black ?Connect to I10L ( 16 Photo Isolator Board )
     c. Blue ?Connect to Ground ( Gnd )


3. Circuit

4. If the sensor is near the iron, the sensor is on. And the LED11 will be light of 16 Photo Isolator.

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