How to chose a Digital I/O data acquisition card work on you project?

From Hardware requirements:
1) Depend signal input or output to control-turning device ON/OFF, selected by digital input or output or both in any combination. Boards that claim to be "multifunctional" have the most digital I/O.
2) How many input signal and output device you need connect. Smatlab provide 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 Channels different I/O range for you optional use.
3) Add-on cards for plug into the chassis of desktop PC or industrial computer.
4) Large of I/O line use expansion board for easy install into industrial cabinet.

From Software requirements:
1) Full range of device driver support such as Window 95, 98, NT, XP, 2000,Linux, DOS.
2) Sample code for user easy to understand function call to development new project.
3) Free software package for user no need development software just
compurgation device function with user-friendly graphic interface.

Manual for ISA PCI Bus Digital I/O Data Acquisition Cards

PCI Industrial Control Card
8 Relay Output / 8 Photo Isolator Input Board
8 Channel SSR / Logic Output Board
16 Channel Relay Output Board
16 Channel Photo Isolator Input Board
Smatlab 16 Relay /16 Photo Isolator Card
Smatlab 8 Relay /8 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 4 Relay Output/4 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 8 Relay Output /8 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Relay Output/ 16 Photo Isolator Card
PCI 16 Photo Isolator Input/Output Card
64 Channel Industrial Control Card

Device Driver
Test Software & Sample Code